12A-2,  China shipping industry value chain China in Seoul Republic of Korea  60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the biggest Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing unit in China with five different branches. For far more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Our product assortment also addresses locking assemblies (clamping factors/locking system), taper bushes, QD bushes, bolt-on hubs, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes,torque limiters, shaft collars, motor bases and motor slides, chain detachers, chain guides, universal joint, rod ends and yokes. We The group is centered on creating all range of standard roller chains and sprockets, gears & gearboxes, this sort of as conveyor chain & sprockets , stainless metal chain, agricultural chain and has not just marketed its goods all in excess of china, but also marketed much more than 65% goods to oversees, like Europe, America, South-east Asia, and it also has established up storage logistics in locations like Europe. help a nationwide foundation of Industrial Distributors, and Authentic Equipment Manufacturers as properly as Agricultural Products Makers and Wholesalers. Positioned in Memphis, TN we are at the center of a single of the greatest distribution hubs in the country and with our substantial inventory amounts and limitless shipping and delivery options, we are able to supply our customers with exact on-time deliveries. ISO 9001:2015 qualified company and distributor of roller chains. Types of roller chains incorporate ASME/ANSI standard chains, attachment chains, corrosion resistant chains, lube-totally free chains, plastic chains, totally free-circulation chains, specialty chains and British common chains. ASME/ANSI common chains are available in huge and little pitch, double pitch and leaf designs. Roller chains are used in food packaging, forklift vans, oilfield drilling, bikes, conveyors and power transfer purposes.

ISO 606 StHangZhourd Agricultural Roller Chain and EPT Chain are fabricated, with alloy metal and stainless steel assortment in accordance to your need


1, Chain varieties: Roller Chain, conveyor chain, transmission chain, motorbike roller chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld steel drag chains, plastic chains etc

2, Primary components: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy steel, SUS304, and POM Plastic for plates, ten#, twenty#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers

three, Heat therapy: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden etc

4, Area: Shot peening, black, blue or first

5, Package deal way: Plastic bag+ carton box+ plywood scenario

S type steel agricultural chains
Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Width between outer plates Depth of chain plates Pin diameter Pin length Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Weight per meter
p d1(Max) b1(min) b3(min) h2(Max) d2(Max) b4(Max) T(Max) Qo(min) Q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Kn Kg/m
S32 29.21 eleven.43 15.88 20.57 13.5 four.forty seven 26.seven 1.eight eight .86
S32-H 29.21 11.forty three 15.88 twenty.fifty seven thirteen.5 four.47 26.seven 2 17.5 .88
S32V 29.21 11.43 fifteen.88   thirteen.5 five.08 29.7 2.1 twenty five .ninety six
S42 34.93 fourteen.27 19.05 25.sixty five 19.eight seven.01 34.three 2.eight 26.seven .96
S42-H 34.ninety three 14.27 19.05 25.65 19.eight 7.01 34.3   forty one  
S45 forty one.4 fifteen.24 22.23 28.96 17.three five.74 38.one two.eight seventeen.eight 1.six
S45-H 41.four fifteen.24 22.23 28.ninety six 17.3 5.seventy four 38.one   32  
S45HF1 41.four fifteen.24 22.23   seventeen.three 7.14 39.five three 36.75 2
S55HSD 41.4 17.seventy eight 22.23   20.four eight.27 39.5 three forty five two.nine
S52 38.one fifteen.24 22.23 28.96 17.three five.74 38.1 two.eight 17.eight 1.sixty eight
S52-H 38.one 15.24 22.23 28.96 seventeen.3 5.74 38.1   32  
S55 41.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 28.ninety six seventeen.three 5.74 38.one two.eight 17.eight 1.8
S55-H 41.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 28.96 17.3 5.74 38.1   32 2.twenty five
S55V 41.four seventeen.seventy eight 22.23 35.three 20.7 8.27 39.4 two.9 forty five 2.22
S55R forty one.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 34.five 21.2 5.seventy two 37.five two.6 forty five 2.49
S55RH forty one.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 41.four 22.4 eight.nine forty six.four 4 84.five 2.seventy four
S62 41.ninety one 19.05 twenty five.4 32 seventeen.three five.seventy four forty.six 6.two 26.7 one.87
S62-H 41.ninety one 19.05 25.4 32 seventeen.3 5.seventy four forty.6   32  
S62R-C6E 41.ninety one 19.05 twenty five.8   20.1 8.5 44.six three forty two  
S62F3 forty one.ninety one 19.05 25.4   26.two eight forty four.eight three 58.seven 3.12
S77 58.34 18.26 22.23 31.five 26.two 8.92 43.two 4 44.five two.66
S77-H fifty eight.34 18.26 22.23 31.five 26.2 8.ninety two 43.2   eighty  
S88 sixty six.27 22.86 28.fifty eight 37.eighty five 26.two eight.ninety two 50.8 four forty four.five three.twenty five
S88-H 66.27 22.86 28.58 37.eighty five 26.2 eight.ninety two 50.eight   eighty  
38.4R 38.four 15.88 19.05   seventeen.three six.ninety two 36.4 three 41.two one.7
38.4V 38.four 15.88 eighteen   seventeen.3 6.ninety two 38 3 fifty 1.83
38.4VB 38.4 15.88 19.05   26.two 8.28 39.four 2.8 62.five 2.seventeen
38.4VBF2 38.4 15.88 19.05   twenty.5 eight.28 39.1 three 50 2.33
S38 38 sixteen 21.eight   21 nine 43 three 55 two
55VD forty one.4 17.eight 23   26.two eight.22 forty two.four 3 45 two.34
55VDF1-CPEF 41.four 17.9 22.five   23 nine 39.7 three 50 2.68
55VF1H2 forty one.4 17.9 22.23   21.4 8.22 48.four three sixty two.ninety two
S55HF2 41.four 23 22.23   20 8.28 45.5 3 47.five 4.27
S55HF1 41.four 17.seventy eight 22.23   twenty.4 eight.28 forty two.eight 3 forty five two.nine
LV40 forty 12 22   seventeen.five 6 41 3 31.4 1.53
P41.three 41.three 15.88 22.23 35.three twenty.7 eight.27 39.four 3 fifty two.forty five
P40.6 forty.6 fifteen.88 20 35.forty five 20.7 8.27 39.four three 35 1.fifty five
40SH 12.seven seven.ninety five 7.84   twelve three.96 19.nine 2.03 22.four .82
50SH fifteen.875 10.16 9.four   fifteen.09 five.08 23.four 2.forty two thirty.four one.25
60SH 19.05 11.ninety one 12.fifty seven 25.fifty four eighteen five.94 31.six 3.twenty five 44.one one.87
80SH 25.four fifteen.88 fifteen.seventy five   24 seven.92 37.seven 4 88.two three.1
100SH 31.75 19.05 18.nine   thirty nine.fifty three forty six.9 4.8 116.six four.52
120SH 38.one 22.23 25.22   35.seven eleven.one fifty seven.5 5.six 158.2 6.6
630SK 19.05 14.28 nine.fifty three seventeen.fifteen eighteen.1 seven.eleven 28 3.six forty two 2.18
630H 19.05 eleven.91 9.53   18.one five.94 27.8 3.25 42 2.16
C40, C08A-1 twelve.7 seven.ninety five seven.85   twelve 3.ninety six 16.six one.five 14.1 .seventy eight
C50, C10A-1 fifteen.875 ten.16 nine.4   fifteen.09 5.08 twenty.7 2 22.two one.27
C60, C12A-one 19.05 11.91 12.57   eighteen five.94 twenty five.nine two.42 31.8 1.86
C80, C16A-1 25.4 fifteen.88 15.seventy five   24 seven.ninety two 32.seven three.twenty five fifty six.seven 3.03
C100, C20A-one 31.75 19.05 eighteen.9   thirty nine.fifty three 40.4 4 88.five four.51
C120, C24A-one 38.1 22.23 25.22   36.two eleven.one 50.3 4.8 127 six.sixty three
C140, C28A-one 44.forty five 25.four twenty five.22   42.23 twelve.71 fifty nine 5.6 172.4 8.fifty two
C160, C32A-one 50.8 28.fifty eight 31.55   48.26 fourteen.29 39.6 6.four 226.eight 11.forty eight
08B-2 twelve.seven eight.fifty one 7.seventy five   11.8 4.45 32.2 one.six 32.07 one.34
12A-two 19.05 eleven.ninety one twelve.57   eighteen 5.ninety four fifty.5 two.42 sixty three.six two.92
12AH-2 19.05 11.91 twelve.57   eighteen 5.ninety four 57.1 3.25 63.six three.71
16A-two 25.four 15.88 fifteen.seventy five   24.thirteen 7.ninety two 67.one three.26 111.two five.15



two our workshop

3 Te EPT Equipments


We are a foremost producer of mechanical transmission spare components, as properly as several many years 1 of reliable and reliable sellers for European, The usa, Iran market place and many others. Our primary objects are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, spur gears, bevel equipment, equipment shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts and so forth.

At existing, For South American, European, and Asian marketplace, our exceptional merchandise are fabricated in accordance to your prerequisite and our high quality satisfies ISO, ASME, DIN stHangZhourd.


I hope we can do company with each other, and appear forward to listening to from you before long

The use of authentic tools manufacturer’s (OEM) portion quantities or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating merchandise use and compatibility. Our business and the shown replacement components contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or manufactured by the OEM.

12A-2,  China shipping industry value chain China in Seoul Republic of Korea  60ah-2, 16b-2, 16b-1, 10A-2, 10b-2, 12b-2 Agricultural Rotary Cultivator Roller Chain with ce certificate top quality low price