3mm Kevlar Chopped Strands

3mm kevlar chopped strands was chopped in 3mm by a unique cutting tools. This fiber has substantial power and modulus, strong hydrogen bonding toughness, strength up to 28 g/d or a lot more, toughness is 5-6 occasions of steel wire.certain modulus two-three occasions of it,toughness 2 occasions of it even though fat is just 1/5 of the wire.Continuous utilizing temperature assortment is very vast, prolonged operating in the selection of -196 ºC to 204 ºC,no decomposition and melting at large temperature of 560 ºC,toughness can maintain seventy five% by means of 100 hrs at 200 ºC.also has good chemical solvent resistance, resisting acid and alkali, anti-growing older, great adhesion to rubber. Generally it is used as a reinforcing material in the fields of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, large-temperature composite structures, brake pads, clutch linings, friction material, use-resistant filler, cable sheathing, gaskets, slot insulation, section insulation barrier, interturn insulation and so on.


Product: XGPF1203
Color: yellowish
Fiber type: Para-aramid
Density(g/cc) 1.forty seven
CZPT density of mono filament(D)  1.5
Filament diameter(μm) 12
Fiber length(mm) three
Tensile strength( cN/dtex) 19.four-21
Elongation at break(%) 2.five-3.84
Tensile modulus(GPa) eighty~a hundred and twenty
Shrinkage(%) <0.2(190ºC×15m)
Moisture (%): <0.2

Application FIELDS:

1.CZPT CZPTs,thermosetting resin,friction supplies, automotive brakes,composite supplies and Kevlar reinforced paper. 

2.reinforcing supplies,building,rubber,bolstered cable,cable and other large-intensity rope.

3.composite material with resin or rubber,can drastically minimize the bodyweight,boost loading fat,suited for the production of aerospace equipment,large-speed trains and yachts shell.

four.Friction and sealing resources,friction supplies reinforced fiber, significantly enhanced wear resistance,suitable for large temperature problems.



The 3mm kevlar chopped strands should be keep dry in their unique bags and stored in a suitable location,if possible at place temperature with 35-sixty five% relative humidity.Stay away from the sunlight, rain and fire




1.Shipment by sea:for sea transportation,usually 20 pallets(every single 180kg.two levels)be loaded into 20 toes container.overall net fat is 2400kg.


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3mm Kevlar Chopped Strands