Abm Motor Driven Electric Single Girder Goliath Crane

ABM Motor Pushed CZPT One Girder Goliath Crane 

A variant of a bridge crane. It is mostly employed for loading and unloading functions of outdoor freight yards, substance yards and bulk cargoes. Its metallic framework is like a door-formed body. It is set up below the major beam and has two legs. It can walk immediately on the keep track of on the ground. The two finishes of the major beam can have an overhanging cantilever beam.

 The one main beam gantry crane has a easy structure, convenient producing and set up, and its own tiny top quality, and the major beam is mostly a derailed box-shaped body framework. When compared to double girder gantry cranes, the all round stiffness is weaker. Consequently, when the lifting fat Q ≤ fifty t and the span S ≤ 35 m, this type can be employed. The solitary primary girder gantry crane has two varieties of L-shaped and C-formed legs. The L-kind is straightforward to manufacture and install, and the power is good, and its possess high quality is little. Nonetheless, the area for lifting cargo through the legs is comparatively small. The C-formed legs are manufactured to be inclined or curved, with the purpose of getting a big lateral area for the goods to go efficiently by means of the legs.

Rated load/ton five  10  16  20  32
Span/m 10-40     
Lifting peak/m 30     
Operating class A3/1bM     
Lifting speed/m/min 8 seven three.5  3.5 3
Trolley operating speed/m/min 20  20 twenty 20 20
Crane running pace/m/min  20  20 20 twenty twenty
Dead weight/t 10.5~37.five  16.eight~fifty two 18.9~65   24.five~seventy seven  27.five~98
 Number of wheel   4  4 four  4  4/8
Max. wheel strain/KN  52.five~twelve.1  95~183  131~242  167~298  238~forty one.5
Steel observe suggested  P24  P38  P43  P43 P43

Gantry crane basic safety protection
one. Overload limiter.
2. Large top quality, long-time period use, impact-resistant polyurethane buffer.
3. Crane journey restrict change.
4. Reduction of strain defense, period safety.
five. Unexpected emergency parking program.
6. Raise the height limiter.

About the item: Make sure you notify the adhering to information so that we can verify your needs quicker!

 1. Lifting potential.

  2. Span (observe heart to rail middle)

  3. Lifting peak (hook heart grounding)

  four. No matter whether it needs to be overhanged (make sure you offer the overhang length)

  five. Require rails and cables? (you should supply the managing size)

 6. Other special needs


Abm Motor Driven Electric Single Girder Goliath Crane