as RS Stereoscopic Warehouse Automated Storage and Retrieval Rack System

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AS RS Stereoscopic Warehouse automated storage and retrieval rack method

AS/RS(automated storage and retrieval methods) refers to a range of computer-managed methods for routinely placing and retrieving load from specific storage locations. An AS/RS surroundings would encompass many of the adhering to systems: Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, Vertical Raise Modules (VLM) and  traditional Crane-in-Aisle Storage & Retrieval systems that utilize storage retrieval (SR) crane.
one)Make full use of room for automatic warehouse is an crucial element of storage, storage of products by utilizing multi-degree warehouse method
2)  height can get to 30 meters, according to the wants of diverse varieties of elevated can set far more than 12 meters large , center (5-twelve meters), and lower (five meters beneath).
three) Compared with the library can help save almost 70 for every cent of the spot.
AS RS warehouse rack largely is made up of subsequent parts:
1. Racking
Structural function: AS/RS System are normally geared up with pallet racking and travel-in racking, each of which are composite framework. Metal panels and wooden panels are CZPT for loading with very good potential. CZPTs will do the loading and unloading occupation under the instruction from the central pc. AS/RS Technique is mostly employed in the meals, tobacco, digital, mechanical and armament sector.

two. Stacker
Structural function: CZPT upright framework, constant and dependable, vector frequency conversion generate and encoder situation management, mechanical and electronic safety gadgets to guarantee safe utilizing of the method All the way tracing technology by info transferring CZPT factors are imported from abroad Touching display screen interface for effortless procedure Producing guide, semiautomatic, computerized and linkage manage appear accurate Used in several scenarios by combining with other logistics tools.

3. Conveying technique
Structural feature: Conveying technique is generally geared up in the entrance or again of warehouse for conveying products below and there, bridging the techniques carried out by forklifts and stackers by utilizing rolling conveyor or chain conveyor and combining with lifts, rotating gadgets and other equipments.

four. Controlling program
Structural attribute: Communicating with WMS and ECS by way of OPC agreement, PROFIBUS bus community, set up by Siemens S7-three hundred controller can run all conveyors offline, performing conveying of goods immediately.
You should refer to the attached drawing for specifics of conveying technique

5. WMS Program
CZPTs of WMS System: CZPT network composition, community sever, RF server, personal computers for management and keep an eye on, RF base station and RF terminal for in/out warehouse of goods.
Softwares of WMS Technique:
Working method: WINDOW 2000X SEVER
Information-base: MS SQL SEVER 2000X
Warehouse administration application: WMS
Products managing software program: ECS
Bar code management application: RFS

6. Other relevant tools
Other related tools contain switching cart, rail cart, O/R desk, automatic guided car, auto-selecting system, electronic label, pallet elevate and so on.
AS RS Stereoscopic Warehouse automatic storage and retrieval rack system

Model Loading Capability (kg) Height Walking Velocity Remark
WDL-.1T one hundred five-30m 160m/min CZPTized primarily based on client’ s demands
WDL-.5T 500 160m/min
WDL-1T 1000 160m/min
WDL-one.5T 1500 150m/min
WDL-2T 2000 120m/min
WDL-3T 3000 100m/min



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as RS Stereoscopic Warehouse Automated Storage and Retrieval Rack System