Cast Detachable Chain

Solid Detachable Chain (442, 445, 452)

The fall solid chain is mainly composed of three fall forged elements that are the pin roll, center chain ring, and the outer chain sidebar. It can be conveniently assembled and disassembled, entirely by hand CZPT instruments. For instance, the assembly can be very easily finished by passing the outer sidebar via the center chain ring, and then rotate the middle chain ring for ninety degrees to have interaction with the pin roll.

When the chain forms into a ring, it can be used as a conveyor chain for heavy masses. Our drop solid chain is frequently located on the conveying equipment and suspension equipment, in car, meals processing, and steelmaking industries.

Our firm is the lagrest fall forged chain maker. The principal merchandise are common drop solid chain.

Method parameter:

No. Pitch Bush diameter Width in between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length plate depth Typical tensile energy Fat for each meter 10FT       LINKS       
P d1       max            b1                    
d2       max L        max h2       max Q                     min q NO.
mm mm           mm mm mm mm N Kg/m Links
442 34.ninety three 14.29        15.88 seven.94 fifty.80 19.05 3402 two.23 88
445 41.forty fifteen.88        17.forty six seven.94 fifty.80 19.05 3402 two.38 seventy four
452 38.25 17.46        15.88 9.26 56.36 21.43 3969 3.27 eighty
455 41.forty fifteen.88        17.forty six nine.26 fifty seven.94 21.43 4139 three.13 74
462 forty one.fifty 18.26        20.64 11.eleven sixty five.09 23.81 5103 four.02 73
467 58.62 16.sixty seven          9.fifty three seven.ninety four 56.36 19.84 3402 two.23 fifty two
477 fifty eight.62 20.sixty four         17.forty six 11.eleven sixty four.29 25.40 5443 3.27 fifty two
488 sixty six.27 22.23         23.eighty one 11.11 one hundred.00 23.eighty one 6237 four.61 46
4103 78.eleven thirty.96         28.58 19.05 87.31 38.10 12474 nine.23 39
4124 103.20 forty three.sixty six         31.seventy five 20.sixty four a hundred and twenty.sixty five forty four.forty five 18711 thirteen.sixty nine thirty

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Cast Detachable Chain