TEFC Stainless Steel NEMA Washdown Electric Motor

Over time, equipment downtime has been typical in food and beverage factories. Many indoor cabinets must prevent excessive moisture from hose guiding or splashing (Flushing). Flushing motors are designed for use in food and beverage plants and other applications where motors are frequently exposed to flushing and contaminants (chemicals, moisture, and moisture).
Flush the motor to protect the motor’s internal components (stator winding, stator assembly, rotor, and shaft).

Washing AC motor provides power for the conveyor in high humidity and humid environment. It is necessary to wash and clean the equipment regularly in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage production. They are completely enclosed and can withstand water or other liquids that may damage the motor’s internal components. The motor shaft has V-ring rotary shaft seals and spring-loaded contact seals, while the motor bearings are lubricated with moisture-proof grease to provide further flushing protection.

Frame  A BB BA N-W U R S ES E 2F B H BF AJ P AK AB D 0
56C 6.5 0.16 2.75 1.88 0.625 0.517 0.188 1.41 2.44 3 3.87 0.34 3/8-16 5.875 6.93 4.5 5.79 3.504 8.51
143TC 6.5 0.16 2.75 2.25 0.771 0.771 0.188 1.41 2.75 4 4.87 4.87 3/8-16 5.875 6.93 4.5 5.79 3.504 8.51
145TC 6.5 0.16 2.75 2.25 0.771 0.771 0.188 1.41 2.75 5 5.87 5.87 3/8-16 5.875 6.93 4.5 5.79 3.504 8.51


  • food processing
  • Pharmaceutical equipment
  • Other environments require extreme cleaning and frequent flushing
  • Chemical processing
  • Poultry processing
  • Meat processing
  • Dairy application
  • bakery
  • Snacks
  • Bottling
  • Highly corrosive environment
  • Applicable to variable frequency drives

Stainless steel Material For motor

FDA has taken an uncompromising attitude towards paint chips. Its argument is that bacteria can grow in the gap area of the painted motor. Even the best coatings cannot withstand the abuse, such as vehicle collisions or falling objects in processing plants. To solve this problem, there are now stainless steel washing motors with stainless steel belts, fan covers, duct box covers, bases, etc.
If other materials do not provide bacterial growth sites while avoiding corrosion, they can also play a similar role. For example, some motors are equipped with special aluminum alloy end plates and surface treatment processes that do not require coating.

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