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FU type scraper conveyor Product introduction

FU type scraper conveyor (chain conveyor) is an conveying gear which is traction components on the roller chain plate and steady. This sort of gadget with compact framework, great sealing, rational structure, application convenient routine maintenance, and many others. It is mostly utilised for grinding powder, particle, modest lump with robust abrasive in horizontal or inclination, also widely utilized in chemical business, metallurgy, mining, developing supplies, electric powered energy, light business, visitors, road development, foods processing market, port, etc.

Software : Chemical business, metallurgy, mining, building components, electric powered electricity, mild market, targeted traffic, highway development, food processing sector, port, and so forth.

Our benefits:
1.Because the scraper conveyor is the use of the content in the friction to travel the materials shift, as a result, the smaller sized resistance for the duration of procedure, low strength intake, vitality saving about fifty% considerably less in in comparison with the screw conveyor.
2.CZPT chain adopts higher toughness dress in resistant alloy sleeve roller chain plate composition, and soon after the specific technological innovation processing, it has high power, minimal friction coefficient, prolonged operating lifestyle and other characteristics
3.Broad scope transportation, it need to be transportation various powder, granular, lump substance with high ability and lengthy length beneath a hundred and fifty ºC.
4.The total transportation method carried out in confined CZPTs, sealed safe and trustworthy, specially appropriate for conveying unstable, harmful, corrosive, and specific medium, and so forth.
5.The sort scraper conveyor is completed, there are FU200, FU270, FU350, FU410, numerous kinds and many others. It can customise according to customer’s need for particular.

FU variety scraper conveyor is mainly composed of transmission device, chain scraper system, head device, intermediate shell, tail device, and so on.

1. transmission system
Transmission device primarily consist of motor, reducer, coupling, transmission technique, body, and protecting include, and so on., This component of the large dependability, compact composition, considerably less sporting areas,
practical operation and routine maintenance.

2.the chain scraper system
Chain scraper gadget is mainly composed of guidebook rail, manual rail, scraper, chain and so on, is the main functioning areas buried scraper conveyor, its composition is affordable or not directly decides the effect of content conveying. In accordance to the traits of conveying substance respectively designs scraper bar, body composition, ensure materials in conveying component content to pass through all around the edges of the scraper in the approach of conveying of substance has certain viscosity, therefore avoiding materials in the course of delivery by extrusion development of tight junction layer or substance card in the slot equipment and scraper, result in the decline of transmission capability or failure.

three.Casing head device
Casing head system is mostly composed of the head, head shaft, etc Among them, the casing connection element of the head established with trustworthy seal, ensure no leakage of dust in the doing work procedure, and in its higher portion is outfitted with the entry door, the notice the performance of the sprocket, conveyor chain at the very same time, can also be hassle-free for related servicing work.

4.Intermediate casing
Intermediate casing is created up by a variety of regular area, linked by flange, bolts, between every part and casing has standardized layout, can be utilized according to diverse user’s demands, fast adjustment.

five.Tail gadget
Tail device primarily contains the tail shaft, slide plate, information rail, chain tensioning device, the rear shell, etc Amongst them, the shell sides, respectively, with manual rail, the tail shaft through the bearing seat mounted on the guide rails on each sides, and at the identical time linked to the chain tensioner bearing When adjusting the chain tensioner, drives the tail shaft bearing is sliding close to on the guidebook rail, so as to understand the stress of the chain or loosen, the chain tensioner changing usefulness, massive tension, exact positioning.








two hundred




Scraper chain pitch(mm)


a hundred twenty five


a hundred and sixty

Blade speed(m/s)


.seventeen~.fifty three



Content perfect measurement(mm)





Max. dimension(mm)























fifty eight



a hundred ninety

.fifty three


a hundred and ten

one hundred eighty


En-Masse Conveyor Chain Conveyor for Sale