Glass Bottle Aliminum Cap Full Automatic Filling Machine Hard Liquor   Whisky   Vodka Filling Machine Rinsing Filling and Sealing Machine 3 in 1

Glass bottle/ Aluminum Bottle Aluminum Cap Computerized Filling Machine 
 Rinsing Filling and Sealing three in one

Whisky/Wine/Vodka Automatic Rinsing Filling and Sealing Equipment/ Method is dependent on superior technology abroad and created in accordance to the filling processing calls for of wine, vodka, whisky and so forth.

Doing work procedure

Adopting the bottle bottom holding sort to send out bottles into filling device through bottle inlet screw by way of thrum bottle star wheel, and then the bottles will be held by lifting gadget, and obtain up and down underneath the perform of lifting cam and down pressure cam. The filling design is specifically filling. After bottle mouth raises to contact valve and open valve, then commencing to filling When end filling, the bottle mouth falls and leaves valve, also bottle is top-out filling machine by bottle keeping kind, and conveyed to convey Chain by thrum bottle star wheel.

The series tools is used for glass bottle/aluminum bottle rinsing/ filling/ sealing three-in-1 device equipment for wine and alcoholic beverages drink. And the capping element can be created with crown cap/ screw cap.

The equipment integrates washing, filling, capping jointly. The style is scientific and affordable. Its physical appearance is lovely. Its procedure and maintenance is practical. The automation is high. It is very good products for picking scorching drink filling device. 

This collection device is adopt block bottle-neck hanging perform condition layout, and be adopt filling valve rise-drop design, It really is be satisfy for 95 degree hereinafter hot filling engineering need. It really is adopted man or woman-device interface contact-display, PLC, transducer etc sophisticated control technology. It’s osculate the consume materials parts are undertake the SUS304 stainless steel, The equipment major motor, reducer, mostly axletree, pressurize elements and electrical power ware factor, gas travel aspect and so on are adopt renowned global maker products.

Undertaking Description:

Undertaking Name:

Full Glass bottle/ aluminum bottle difficult liquor / Juice/ Whisky / Vodka Automated Filling Device Rinsing Filling and Sealing Device three in 1

Bottle and caps Shape Bottle volume Bottle dimension Liquid substance Filling Ability
Glass bottle
Crown caps
Round, squire and flat oval 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 640ml, 750ml,1500ml Diameter ≤105mm
challenging liquor / juice/ Whisky / Vodka 2000-12000BPH@500ml
Rinsing strain Filling sort Filling temprature Filling pressure Caps loading and feeding Equipment material
.25-.3MPA Force filling 25-85ºC .15-.5MPA Automatic  SUS304/316
Auxiliary Equipment
Bottle warming Labeling Day printer Packing Ambient Circumstances CZPTal Supply 
Spray warming tunnel Paper label
Adhesive sticker Label
Ink-jet printer
CZPT printer
PE Movie packing
Carton packing
Humidity:No dew
380V, fifty/60Hz, 3phase
Other electrical power: 110V, 220V, 415V, 440V, 450V


Main CZPT parameters:

Product BCGF12126 BCGF18186 BCGF24248 BCGF323210
CZPTs of washing, filling , sealing 12-twelve-six 18-eighteen-six 24-24-8 32-32-10
Production ability(bottle/hour) 2000-3000BPH (500ml) 4000-6000BPH (500ml) 8000-10000BPH (500ml) 12000-15000BPH(500ml)
Suitable bottle diameter(mm) φ=fifty-100 H=170 330-1500ml
Spraying stress 2~3 Mpa
Motor electrical power Major motor 3.5kw 4.5kw five.5kw seven.5kw
All round dimension(LxWxH) 2200x1800x2200mm 2400x2000x2200mm 2800x2200x2200mm 3200x2400x2200mm
Excess weight 2500kg 3500kg 4500kg 6500kg
Touch monitor Mitsubishi(Japan)/Willen(ZheJiang )/Siemens(Germany)
PLC Mitsubishi(Japan)
Transducer Mitsubishi(Japan)/Siemens(Germany)
Solenoid Valve Festo (Germany)
Contactor Schneider (France)/Siemens(Germany)
Digital Manage Keys Mitsubishi(Japan)/Siemens(Germany)
Air-actuated ingredient Airtac (ZheJiang )

Bottle Loading desk

Rinisng filling and sealing machine three in 1

Rinsing Element

Rinsing Filling and Sealing Part

Filling and sealing portion

Bottle Spray Machine


1) The device has compact structure, full control system, straightforward operation and substantial diploma of automation. 
two) The deal with of the device can be freely and conveniently turned to adjust the device to fill a variety of sorts of bottles.
3) The components getting in touch with media are produced of 304L and have no procedure blind angles to enable straightforward cleansing. 
four) Substantial velocity filling valve, guarantees liquid has exact amount and no waste is incurred. 
5) The capping head applies a continual magnetic torque system to secure capping good quality and avoid hurt to the bottle cap.
6) The handle technique has the perform of manage creating speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block auto stop and production counting. 
seven) The innovative programmed controller (PLC) is adopted to manage the machine to operate automatically.
8) The device is outfitted with a full overload security device that can secure gear and the operator efficiently.
9) Principal electric powered factors and pneumatic parts are used the world well-known brand items. 
10) The machine’s procedure is managed by an advanced contact-monitor that can satisfy human-equipment conversation. 

Glass Bottle Aliminum Cap Full Automatic Filling Machine Hard Liquor   Whisky   Vodka Filling Machine Rinsing Filling and Sealing Machine 3 in 1