Haifu Machinery Hf-8100, Single Mother Board, Centralized Beating up System, Heavy Duty Water Jet Loom, Super Fast Water Jet Loom,

  HF-8100 Heavy Duty Super Quick WaterJet Loom

Main Parts & equipment in the machine Design 408 Large Entire body drinking water jet loom 
1  Width Of Device a hundred and fifty cms to 360 cms
2  CZPT SKF from Japan / FAG Germany
3  Digital / Panel XINGLIO  ( XL 1200 CARD ) /HangCZPT
4  Motor Guofang CZPT/red flag, china. 
5  CZPT SD – Created in ZheJiang
6  Nozzle MDH From Korea
7  Pump JL Brand
8  Zero Max ( CVT ) Shimpo Japan
9  Bush Manufactured in ZheJiang
10  Optional feeler / XINGLIO  / HangCZPT (CHINA)
11  four color Indicator Led XINGLIO  / HangCZPT(CHINA)
12  Ele. Weft Feeder technique XINGLIO  / HangCZPT (CHINA)
13  Ele. Weft yarn gripper XINGLIO  / HangCZPT (CHINA)
14  Encoder XINGLIO  / HangCZPT (CHINA)
15  Electronic Handle Panel XINGLIO  / HangCZPT (CHINA)
16  Ele. Measuring & Storing Unit XINGLIO  / HangCZPT (CHINA)
17  Timing Belt / V – Belt Manufactured inChina /  Japan
18  Flat Belt Xihu (West Lake) Dis., China.
19  Beating System Large bolster.
20  Gears in Frame ZheJiang
21  Crank shaft ZheJiang
22  Nuts, Bolts, SS 304 quality
23  All Brass Components JL Model
24  Device Principal Human body Much more heavy 
25  Chain Manufactured in China
26  Clutch CHINA
27  Voltage 220-600 V / fifty Hz.
28  Loom RPM ( max ) 600RPM
29  Weft Insertion Price of Equipment 1750 meters per minute
30  Shedding Basic/CAM/DOBBY SHEDDING 
31  Stainless metal heald wire QHM( plastic ) Korea / 
32  Frames manufactured of large steel and self solid with brand.

note: the price can be various in accordance to the option of the parts. 
         the equipment is with Beam cloth rollers and reeds provided in the overall value
         device underneath 210cm is packed in 8 sets each continer, 230-280cm 6 sets, up to 340cm or 400cm two sets


Shade Program

      Color technique on h2o jet loom is really critical, understand this piont, Haifu CZPT has arrive up with several approaches for colour treatment method on the device physique, to make certain the color on the device stays for excellent and lengthy. Shoot Blasting and automated colour method insures that.

                                  Shoot Blasting Device                                                                 Auto Coloration Program

With the shoot blasting device taking off all the dust prior to parts gose on the portray line, the part is much more clear, ensuing the painting on the equipment very tough and restricted. generating the colour stays for considerably more time on the drinking water jet loom. 

       Device Middle Help Ahead of shoot Blasting               Equipment Middle Assistance After the shoot Blasting

The Producing of The Equipment

In Haifu CZPT, apart from the exctronic parts, all the solid and metal part are manufactured and designed by Haifu machinery, we have all the machinerys, elements cast machinery, CNC devices you can think of, to make a distinctive haifu good quality machine, becuase we think only self created parts is what we can use to masure our top quality. now each fatories has the capability to make finished machines. 





Machine Packing In our HangCZPT Facotry 





Haifu Machinery Hf-8100, Single Mother Board, Centralized Beating up System, Heavy Duty Water Jet Loom, Super Fast Water Jet Loom,