I Beam Track Overhead Conveyor

Forged chain &comma trolleys&commacarriers utilised on overhead conveyor manufacturing line&interval
Application for X348

Primary products are Forge chain and trolley&comma welded website link chain&comma CZPT and non-common stainless steel and carbon steel roller chain&comma Leaf chain&comma regular and non-common conveyor chain&comma Scraper conveyor chain&comma Cranked link chain&comma double in addition chain&comma double pitch transmission chain&comma plastic chain&comma sprockets and Other accessories&period of time

The items can be mixed to uncover the ideal achievable resolution for even the most demanding apps&period Special options can also be developed for customers’ specific requirements&period of time

Drop Forged Rivetless Chain&comma Drop Cast Chains&comma drop solid hyperlink&commaforged scraper chains&period

one&periodDrop cast detachable chains X348&commaX458&commaX678&commaX698&commaF100&commaF160&commaP80&commaP100&commaP200 and and so on&time period&time period&interval
two&periodCat Pilar Chains for X348&commaX458&commaX678&commaX698
3&periodScraper chains P142&commaP142V&commaP142H&commaP200&commaP102&commaP250&commaP260
four&periodDetachable chain fifty one&comma52&comma55&comma57&comma62&comma74&comma78

Relevant overhead trolley&carriages&spare components
&periodas for every your drawings or samples

Scraper chains P142&commaP142V&commaP142H&commaP200&commaP102&commaP250&commaP260
Removable chain fifty one&comma52&comma55&comma57&comma62&comma74&comma78


I Beam Track Overhead Conveyor