Sfd400 Thread Sealing Tape Production Line

SFD400 thread sealing tape generation line 

PTFE porous filter membrane

The microstructure of porous materials is identified by the processing problems, particularly the temperature and growth charge. The structure has two parts: node and tiny fibril. These “fibers” link the “nodes”. The solitary axis enlargement can make the nodes elongate, and can make the lengthy axis of every single node perpendicular to the expansion path.
The product of this composition is known as expanded polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane, which can generate billions of micropores. This framework can make use of the inherent hydrophobicity (drinking water resistance) and non viscosity of PTFE, and is easy to take away the particles trapped on the membrane surface. It can supply a consistent, temperature and chemical suitable screening of microorganisms and particles for equipment manufacturers. The best mixture of air circulation and inlet strain can carry price to most tools designs.


Products manufacturing and testing

We supply a variety of PTFE calendering gear to meet up with your diverse method requirements and precision needs.

In the fields of stitching thread, sealing tape, cable film, air film, and many others., we have produced excellent achievements and attained cooperation with 1st-course enterprises at house and overseas. Under is the sewing thread gear of popular clients in China


Substantial efficiency sizzling air forming oven

Substantial overall performance sizzling air forming oven, much better thermal uniformity, make the temperature of PTFE tape surface area continuous and uniform. Best fiber composition forming in membrane. It is the greatest oven design for PTFE cable and other merchandise.


Substantial temperature oven perspective window layout

High temperature oven viewpoint window layout, to stay away from the basic safety dangers and warmth decline induced by opening the oven for inspection.


Micro filter media processed by microelectronics
Micro filter media processing by PTFE Microelectronics:
·Polytetrafluoroethylene microelectronics processing micro filter media
·Porous filter membrane of fluoroplastics for clean air filtration
·High adaptable cable CZPT drag chain
·High flexibility flat cable
·PTFE higher flexible flat cable
·Polytetrafluoroethylene higher versatile flat cable
·Microwave / RF examination cable
·Clean room insulation
·Shielding material of PTFE stuffed metal powder

·Antifungal membrane
·PTFE anti germs membrane
·Polytetrafluoroethylene antibacterial membrane
·PTFE ceramic filter
·Polytetrafluoroethylene ceramic filter
·Ceramic filter
·CZPT wastewater filtration membrane
·PTFE industrial wastewater filtration membrane
·Polytetrafluoroethylene industrial wastewater filter membrane

oven design and style

Provide a variety of oven design to satisfy your distinct wants, such as hot air circulation oven, centralized oven and so on.


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has superb warmth resistance, smoothness (smoothness), non stick, chemical resistance, lower friction and superb electrical insulation (non conducting).
These attributes can be well utilized in a wide variety of industries, this sort of as transportation programs and meals processing, chemical, semiconductor, liquid crystal, scientific equipment, aircraft and aerospace merchandise apps.

·Waterproof and ventilating movie for car lamp
·PTFE watertight and ventilating movie for auto lamp
·Polytetrafluoroethylene water-proof and ventilating movie for auto lamp
·Describe the prevention of lamp harm and degradation in significant or severe environments, or untimely failure. These items can stability pressure, decrease condensation and block grime below various climatic conditions, and make the lamp brilliant for a long time.
·Lithium battery isolation membrane
·PTFE lithium battery isolation membrane
·Isolation membrane of polytetrafluoroethylene lithium battery

·Electronic components water-proof and breathable film goods
·PTFE electronic elements water-proof and breathable film products
·Polytetrafluoroethylene digital parts waterproof and breathable membrane items


Fuel diffusion electrode – gas diffusion membrane, with hydrophobic and breathable traits, can properly isolate the electrolyte leakage in the battery, and the oxygen in the air can enter freely to ensure the constant discharge of the gas diffusion electrode assembly. The certain applications incorporate: gasoline cell, metal air mobile, electrochemical sensor diaphragm, etc.
Environmental tests gear and elements
PTFE environmental testing products and components
Teflon environmental tests products and parts

PTFE porous filter membrane has outstanding resistance to strong acid and alkali, no adsorption of h2o vapor, large dust interception effectiveness, no unstable organic and natural compounds launch, modest resistance, high interception charge, ideal for large pollution atmosphere sampling and on-line monitoring gear gas path defense.

Water-resistant sound permeable membrane
Semiconductor micro filter medium
PTFE semiconductor micro filter medium
Polytetrafluoroethylene semiconductor micro filter medium

EPTFE microfiltration media for prefilter apps gives a unique mixture of optimum retention and unmatched movement, ensuring repeatable large functionality, constant high quality and superior product cleanliness in key semiconductor and microelectronic production procedures. The pore dimension grade of the epptfe based mostly movie is one.-ten. μ m, which can offer consistency, chemical resistance and heat resistance, and has a strong resistance to slipping off.

Equipment workshop


PTFE microfiltration media for prefilter applications gives a unique blend of optimum retention and unmatched movement, making sure repeatable substantial functionality, steady top quality and excellent product cleanliness in key semiconductor and microelectronic manufacturing processes. The pore dimension quality of the epptfe dependent film is 1.-ten. μ m, which can provide regularity, chemical resistance and heat resistance, and has a strong resistance to slipping off.


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Sfd400 Thread Sealing Tape Production Line