Straight Running Plastic Transportation Chain for Beverage Industry

Keel chain largely employed to transport various varieties of plastic bottles, aluminum pot, and long distance transport.
The plastic multiflex chain is manufactured for box-conveyors, spiral conveyors and little radius curves, which are usually utilised for meals cans, glasswork, milk cartons and also some bakery programs.
Materials: Nylon.
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 The chain has straight sides but is also appropriate for use in curves if the curves are offered with tapered sides.

The chain can very easily be eliminated from the curve part for cleansing.

The chain is quite appropriate for crate conveying e.g. of milk cartons in a dairy.

chain size 1700 keel chain/1701 keel chain/ 1702 keel chain/1702 TAB
Material  plastic & 304 /plastic & 304/plastic & 304/POM
Min Radius(mm) 140
Straight(mm)  58/59.5/59.5/58


Flexing(mm)  ~~/fifty five.6/fifty six.eight/fifty five


Fat per meter(kg) one.26/1.42/1.forty three/~~


Straight Running Plastic Transportation Chain for Beverage Industry