Welded Wire Mesh Farm Gates

Merchandise Description
Welded Wire Mesh Farm Gates &lparHP-GATE3&rpar

Type&colon N remain&solbrace farm gate&semi I continue to be&solbrace farm gate

Substance&colon Scorching dipped galvanized metal pipe and wire

Producing process&colon 
Wire mesh panel welding and corner wire slicing&semi 
Pipe cut&comma flattend and wave&semi 
Pipe body welding&semi 
Frame and mesh panel welding together&semi 
Welded places polishing&comma 
Silver painting&period 

Extensively utilized in the farm&solranch for enclosure of livestock&solanimal&lparsheep&solgoats&solcattle&solhorse etc&rpar or safeguarding crops&solvegetable&interval It also can be utilised as barrier fencing in automobile park location&comma or keep fence&period 

Wire diameter&colon 5mm
Mesh opening&colon one hundred&ast200mm
Frame pipe&colon 32mm&ast2mm
Height&colon 1170mm
Duration&lpar Toes&rpar&colon 6’&comma 8’&comma 10’&comma 12’&comma 14’&comma 16′
Length&lpar mm&rpar&colon 900mm&comma 2400mm&comma 3000mm&comma 3600mm&comma 4200mm&comma 4800mm

Principal marketplace&colon 
Australia&comma New Zealand&comma South The us&comma CZPTpe&time period

N Stay or I Stay Welded Wire Mesh Farm Gates
Wire diameter 5mm
Mesh opening  100x200mm
Frame pipe 32mm&ast2mm
Height 1170mm
Length&lpar mm&rpar 900mm&comma 2400mm&comma 3000mm&comma 3600mm&comma 4200mm&comma 4800mm

Welded Wire Mesh Farm Gates